Based in:  Nottingham Uk
Founded:  2020
Genre:  #House #Bass
Label:  Favor Sound 
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Fabio The Hound crosses aggressive bass lines and hard hitting drums with ambient

etherial melodies. He would describe it as perfect driving music and we have to agree. adding offbeat textures and vocal additions to the track gives Fabio's music a fresh sound. We don't know anyone making music quite like it, then again we don't know anyone quite like him !! 

Influences: Nirvana, Deadmau5, Smashing Pumpkins, Burial, Four Tet & CJ Mirra 

What people have said:

"Favor is an exciting, up and coming artist with the potential for greatness. His unique sound will bring a smile to your face, his melodies are heavenly and his music has the energy to get you dancing."

Josh - 'Twelve24'

"Considered music that's been nurtured to a point where it feels really authentic. Favor's growing quick, and we can't wait to hear what's next!!"


Tom - 'Soul Purpose'


"Commercial music with a twist and a positive edge the world needs to hear” 

The Petebox

"Top Producer. Cutting edge music with a great vibe"


FAVORs Music is fresh, vibrant and creative. Love it!

Ben Cantelon

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My name is Ed Aka 'Fabio The Hound' I grew up in Nottingham with its amazing music scene that inspired me to do what I do now. 
I have a deep love for bass driven music and feel a little sad so much of it sounds so similar, awesome !! but similar. House seems to be more mono culture than ever before, I want to help make dance house and electro a breeding round for new music sounds and culture. 
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Fabio The Hound
Fabio The Hound

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